In Loving Memory

Bo Mitchell, d. November 6, 2008



November 13, 1923 – November 6, 2008 In Loving Memory.
Bo Mitchell, author, Navy Pilot, World War II veteran, sports broadcaster, radio station owner, and Christian Missionary died on November 6, 2008 in Daphne, AL. Born in Underwood, AL, he was 84 years old.

Bo flew combat missions against the Japanese from the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown.

He authored a book about his first decade as a missionary published in 1990 by Broadman entitled “You Can Take It With You”. He finished the manuscript for another book entitled, “Triumphant Abundant Life” prior to his death.

To him, the last 30 years of his life spent as a full time missionary for the North American Mission Board, the Florida Baptist Convention, and the Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention was the most satisfying part. Bo said Jesus Christ had blessed him as a layperson with joy beyond anything he ever could have dreamed. His role as a missionary took him across America from coast to coast and border to border for 18 years as a national leader for the program entitled Continuing Witness Training. In that role, he taught pastors and church leaders how to teach their people to share the message of Jesus Christ as Savior.

He was the radio network voice of the Florida State Seminole football team from 1963 thru 1972 and was named Florida Sports Broadcaster of the Year in 1966 by his contemporaries.

Dr. T. K. Weatherell,a player for FSU during Mitchell


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